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  • Heat Recovery system can simultaneously cool and heat
  • High Efficiency COP up to 7.8 (8HP category)
  • Heating mode down to -25C
  • Real-time refrigerant leak detection and monitoring
  • Intelligent MS-Box
  • Connection Ratio Extended to 200%
  • Wide Application Range
  • Hot Water Supply (up to 80C)
Power supply 380-415V/3Ph/50Hz
Cooling Capacity 45.0KW
Input Power 12.00KW
EER 3.75W/W
Heating (nominal) Capacity 45.0KW
Input Power 9.78KW
COP 4.60
Heating (max) Capacity 50.0KW
Input Power 12.26KW
COP 4.08
Connectable indoor unit
Total capacity 50~200% of outdoor unit capacity
Max. quantity 64
Type DC inverter
Quantity 1
Crankcase heater 27.6×2W
Refrigerant oil type FV68H
Start-up method Soft start
Type Propeller
Motor type DC
Quantity 1
Output 0.92kW
Static pressure Pa 0,20,40,60,80(Selectable)
Air flow rate 9500m3/h
Drive type Direct
Type R410A
Factory charging 8Kg
Pipe connections
Liquid pipe Φ15.9mm
Low pressure gas pipe Φ28.6mm
High pressure gas pipe Φ22.2mm
Sound pressure level 64dB(A)
Sound power level 88dB(A)
Net dimension (W×H×D) 1340×1635×825mm
Packing size (W×H×D) 1405×1805×910mm
Net weight 300Kg
Gross weight 325Kg
Ambient operating temperature range Cooling: -15~52℃; Heating: -25~19℃