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  • Compact and light to install
  • No drain piping needed
  • Connect up to 8 indoor units, capacity up to 32kW
  • Double direction connection for refrigerant pipe to improve installation flexibility
  • Electric ball valve control precision is up to 3200-stage
  • Real-time refrigerant leakage detection, safe and reliable operation.
Power supply 220-240V/1Ph/50Hz
Max. number of indoor unit groups 1
Max. number of units per group 8
Max. number of downstream indoor units 8
Max. capacity of each group of indoor units 32KW
Total capacity of downstream indoor units 32KW
Pipe connections to ODU Liquid pipe ∅9.53mm/∅12.7mm
Low pressure gas pipe ∅15.9mm/∅19.1mm/∅22.2mm
High pressure gas pipe ∅12.7mm/∅15.9mm/∅19.1mm
Pipe connections to IDU
Liquid pipe ∅6.35mm/∅9.53mm
Gas pipe ∅12.7mm/∅15.9mm
Sound pressure level 40dB(A)
Sound power level 60dB(A)
Net dimensions (W×H×D) 440mm×195mm×296mm
Packed dimensions (W×H×D) 740mm×275mm×405mm
Net weight 10.5kg
Gross weight 14kg