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  • Design flexibility
  • Durable construction
  • Reliable scroll compressor
  • Adjustable pulley
  • Multi-protection design
  • System self-diagnostic function

Energy Efficient

  • Pre-heats or pre-cools the fresh air coming into you home so your air conditioning system doesn’t have to work as hard to reach comfortable temperature

Healthy Home

  • The fresh air introduced into your home is filtered using specially treated paper filters to improving air quality for allergy and asthma sufferers

Better Air Quality

  • Brings in fresh outdoor air and circulates it in your home. Air quality is improved because odours and other pollutants are removed from your home

Built-in Drain Pump

  • The drain pump can lift the condensate water up to 750mm This issue is in all places, make sure you keep correct values for the water-lift height (eg. 750mm)
Power supply 380-415V,3Ph~,50Hz
Cooling Cooling capacity '240,000Btu/h
Cooling capacity 70Kw
Power input 22.6Kw
Heating Heating capacity '260,000Btu/h
Heating capacity 75Kw
Power input 23.6Kw
Max. input consumption 32.5Kw
Max. current 63.2A
Performance Indoor air flow '8,800CFM
ESP Default: 120; 0 - 375Pa
EER 10.6Btu/h.W
COP 11Btu/h.W
Indoor coil Number of rows 4
Fin spacing 1.3mm
Fin type Hydrophilic aluminum fin
Tube diameter Φ7mm
Tube type Inner grooved copper pipe
Indoor fan Type / Quantity Centrifugal / 2
Drive type Belt
Motor quantity 1
Motor model YE2-132S-4-5.5KW
Motor capacitor  \
Motor input  \
Motor speed '1,440RPM
Compressor Type / Quantity Scroll / 2
Model ZP144KCE-TFD-522
Brand Copeland
Capacity '35,400W
Input '10,800W
RLA 21.1A
LRA 144A
Refrigerant oil '3,253ml
Outdoor coil Number of rows 3
Fin spacing 1.5+1.5mm
Fin type Hydrophilic aluminum fin
Tube diameter Φ7+Φ7mm
Tube type Inner grooved copper pipe
Outdoor fan Type Axial
Quantity 2
Drive type Direct
Motor quantity 2
Motor model YS1100-6-3
Motor capacitor  \
Motor input  \
Fan speed '1,090/944RPM
Refrigerant Type R410A
Volume 6.9+6.9Kg
Control Throttle valve
Sound pressure level 75.3dB(A)
Wired controller KJR-12B/dP(T)-E(B)
Centralized controller (Optional) Yes
Ambient temperature (Cooling) '10 - 46°C
Ambient temperature (Heating) -9 - 24°C
System stage 2
Dimensions Net (W×H×D) 1,670×1,247×2,192mm
Packing (W×H×D) 1,695×1,284×2,212mm
Weight Net 690Kg
Gross 720Kg
Nominal ton 25(Ton)