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  • 100% Fresh Air Processing Unit
  • High External Static Pressure
  • Healthy and Comfortable
Power supply 1-phase, 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Cooling Cooling capacity 4.5KW
Cooling capacity 15.4kBtu/h
Power input 50W
Heating Heating capacity 5Kw
Heating capacity 17.1kBtu/h
Power input 50W
Fan motor Model ZKSP-100-8-5
Type DC
Brand Panasonic/Matchwell
Speed3 770/720/670/620/580/560/540r/min
Coil Number of rows 2
Tube pitch × row pitch 21×13.37mm
Fin spacing 1.5mm
Fin type Hydrophilic aluminum
Tube OD and type Ф7 Inner-grooveФ7 Inner-groove
Dimensions (L×H ×W) 882×210×13.37mm
Number of circuits 6
Air flow rate 850/792/731/670/631/592/550m3/h
Sound pressure level 37/36/35/34/32/31/30dB(A)
Main body Net dimensions5 (WxHxD) 1172×299×591mm
Packed dimensions (WxHxD 1355×400×675mm
Net/Gross weight 33.5/42.0Kg
Panel Net dimensions5 (WxHxD) 1430×53×680mm
Packed dimensions (WxHxD 1525×130×765mm
Net/Gross weight 10.5/15Kg
Refrigerant type R410A
Throttle Type Electronic expansion valve
Model BD20FKS(L)
Design pressure (H/L) 4.4/2.6MPa
Pipe connections Liquid/Gas pipe Ф6.35/Ф12.7mm
Drain pipe OD Ф32