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  • Optimized design for small buildings
  • DC inverter compressors and fan motors
  • Capacity up to 18kW
  • Connect up to 9 indoor units
  • Easy maintenance
Power supply 380-415V-3N~50Hz
Cooling Capacity 15.5KW
Input Power 4.52KW
EER 3.43KW
Heating Capacity 17KW
Input Power 4.77KW
COP 3.56KW
Type Rotary
Capacity 47700Btu/h
Input 4240W
Rated current(RLA) 12A
Crankcase heater 25W
Refrigerant oil FV50S 1400ml
Outdoor Fan motor
Model WZDK100-38G
Type DC motor
Brand Panasonic
Insulation class E
Safe class IP23
Input 2 x 100W
Output 2 x 85W
Rated current 2 x 0.9A
Capacitor /
Speed 800r/min
Outdoor fan
Material ASG20
Type Axial fan
Diameter 508mm
Height 170mm
Number of rows 2
Tube pitch(a) ×row pitch(b) 22x19.05mm
Fin spacing 1.6mm
Tube outside diameter Ф7.94mm
Tube type Inner groove tube
Coil length × height 1276 x 870mm
Number of circuits 7
Outdoor air flow 6000m3/h
Outdoor Sound pressure level 57dB(A)
Outdoor uint
Net dimension (W×H×D) 900 x 1327 x 400mm
Packing (W×H×D) 1030 x 1456 x 435mm
Net/Gross weight 102/113Kg
Type R410A
Charged volume 3900g
Throttle type Electronic expansion valve
Design pressure 4.4/2.6MPa
Refrigerant piping
Liquid side/ Gas side Ф9.53/Ф15.9mm
Max. refrigerant pipe length 100m
Max. difference in level 8m
Connection wiring
Power wiring 5 core x2.5mm
Signal wiring 3 core shielded wire x 0.75mm
Ambient temp. range
Cooling -15~43oC
Heating -15~27oC