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  • Simultaneous Cooling and Heating Operation in One System
  • Innovative Mode Switch (MS) Box
  • Heat Recovery, EER up to 7.0
  • Auto Mode Control
  • Easy maintenance

Easy Installation

  • Strong installation plate and clipboard, big space for pipe/wiring connection and better wiring terminal make Midea all Easy series save 20% time on installation compared with Midea normal Air conditioners

Easy Maintenance

  • New structure with universal PCBs, one PCB fits for all indoor unit sizes. Easy removable PCB and electric components save up to 50% of service time, offering easy maintenance

Easy Clean

  • Easy removable filters can be pulled out at the top instead of inside the panel. Simplified installation steps substantially reduce work from 9 steps to 3 steps. Midea All Easy can save 50% of cleaning time

Built-in Drain Pump

  • The drain pump can lift the condensate water up to 750mm This issue is in all places, make sure you keep correct values for the water-lift height (eg. 750mm)
Power supply 3 phase, 380-415V, 50/60Hz
Cooling Capacity 45KW, 153.5kBtu/h
Power Input 13.24KW
Heating Capacity 50KW, 170.6kBtu/h
Power Input 12.79KW
COP 3.91W/W
Connected indoor units Total capacity 50-130% of outdoor unit capacity
Maximum quantity 26
Compressors Type DC inverter
Quantity 2
Oil type FVC68D
Start-up method Soft start
Fans Type Propeller
Motor type DC
Quantity 2
Insulation class E
Safety class IP23
Motor input 890W
Motor output 710W
Airflow rate 15000m3/h
Static pressure 0-20 (0-0.08) (default) Pa (in. W.G.), 20-40 (0.08-0.16) (customized)
Drive type Direct
Refrigerant Type R410A
Factory charge 13 (28.6)kg (lbs.)
Pipe connections3 Liquid pipe Ф15.9 (Ф5/8)
Low pressure gas pipe Ф28.6 (Ф1-1/8)
High pressure gas pipe Ф22.2 (Ф7/8)
High pressure gas balance pipe Ф19.1 (Ф3/4)
Oil balance pipe Ф6 (Ф1/4)
Sound pressure level4 60dB(A)
Net dimensions (W×H×D) 1250×1615×765mm, 49-7/32×63-9/16×30-1/8in.
Packed dimensions (W×H×D) 1305×1790×820mm, 51-9/16×70-1/2×32-1/2in.
Net weight 303 (666.6)kg (lbs.)
Gross weight 322 (708.4)kg (lbs.)
Operating temperature range Cooling: -5 to 48 (23 to 118.4); heating: -20 to 24 (-4 to 75.2); Simultaneous cooling and heating: -5 to 24 (23 to 75.2)
Safety devices High/low pressure switch, fan driver overload protector, overcurrent relay, inverter overload protector, overvoltage protector
Standard accessories Installation manual, operation manual, connection pipes, clamps