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  • Larger air supply rate, enhanced heat exchange efficiency, enhanced energy saving property
  • Low noise
  • Compact design, flexible installation and easy maintenance
  • Multi-modes for different situations
  • Flexible control

Energy Efficient

  • Pre-heats or pre-cools the fresh air coming into you home so your air conditioning system doesn’t have to work as hard to reach comfortable temperature

Healthy Home

  • The fresh air introduced into your home is filtered using specially treated paper filters to improving air quality for allergy and asthma sufferers

Better Air Quality

  • Brings in fresh outdoor air and circulates it in your home. Air quality is improved because odours and other pollutants are removed from your home

Built-in Drain Pump

  • The drain pump can lift the condensate water up to 750mm This issue is in all places, make sure you keep correct values for the water-lift height (eg. 750mm)
Power supply 220-240V~ 50Hz, 1Ph
Cooling Temperature Efficiency High 55%
Low 60%
Enthalpy Efficiency High 50%
Medium 50%
Low 55%
Healing Temperature Efficiency High 60%
Medium 60%
Low 65%
Enthalpy Efficiency High 55%
Medium 55%
Low 60%
Indoor fan motor Model YDK-10-4992A1
Insulation class B
Safe class IP34
Input 20W
Capacitor 1.5uF
Speed 1050r/min
Indoor fan Material ABS
Type Centrifugal Fan
Diameter Φ154mm
Height 102mm
Indoor Static Pressure and Air flow High 75/200Pa/m3/h
Medium 58/200Pa/m3/h
Low 35/150Pa/m3/h
Sound Pressure Level Heat Exchange Model High 27dB(A)
Medium 26dB(A)
Low 20dB(A)
Bypass Model High 28dB(A)
Medium 27dB(A)
Low 22dB(A)
Net Dimension (LxWxH) 866x655x264mm
Package Size (LxWxH) 960x770x445mm
Net/Gross Weight 23/40Kg
Connection Wiring Power Wiring 2x2.5mm2
Signal Wiring 3.0x75mm2
Controller Wired Controller
Fresh Air Fresh Air Diameter Φ144mm
Air Drop 75Pa
Operating Temperature Range -7 to 43 Dry Bulb, 80% Relative Humidity or less ℃